Connoisseur Gold

Connoisseur GoldFor the discerning customer, who wants to add more than just any new windows to their home, Kommerling’s new Connoisseur GOLD range provides the perfect solution – design without compromise.

With it revolutionary ‘ovolo’ profile, it has been designed to complement the more traditional looking home, offering a unique combination of classic appearance and state of the art performance.

The curved slimline frame creates a much ‘softer’ look to new windows, whilst offering the unrivalled benefits associated with maintenance free PVC-u frames.

Kommerling Connoisseur GOLD offers consistent quality with endless variety: outward opening casements, top-hung or side hung, or modern tilt and turn designs. These can be finished in white, wood grain mahogany finish, or a combination profile with white inside and mahogany outside.

The specification includes many features and benefits that make it simply unbeatable:

  • Steel Re-Inforced Profiles
  • Multi-Point Locking and Shoot Bolts
  • Sealed Unit Double Glazing
  • Home Comfort Frames
  • Internal Beading
  • Colourfast PVC-u


timberlook""Timberlook is a stylist PVC-u profile which replicates the traditional design of high quality timber frames and is extruded in Germany by Kommerling.

Timberlook windows are internal beaded for extra security and have an ‘ovalo’ feature which replicates a traditional timber design. A matching ovalo bead for the glazing creates a uniform sight line. The Timberlook range is available in white PVC-u finish and also in a variety of foiled finishes:

  • Rosewood
  • Rosewood / White
  • Light Oak
  • Light Oak / White
  • Ebony Black / White

Timberlook windows are manufactured to British Standard Kitemarks BS 7412 and BS 7950 / 7412.

High Security as Standard

pincerAll windows are fitted with the latest generation PINCER high security locking systems as standard for your security and peace of mind.

Operated by a simple turn of the handle the unique gearbox activates up to four pairs of high strength ‘mushroom pincers’ simultaneously driving each pincer into a double-sided security striker from opposite directions.

This double action locking means that any attempt to force one pincer out of its closed position merely forces the opposing pincers deeper into their strikers, strengthening rather the weakening the system’s security.

When tested to BS 7950 destruction failure occurred at a force of 7.8kn. The force applied to pass BS7950 test is between 1kn and 3kn.

Handle Colours


A choice of six handle colours are available:

  • Bright Bronze
  • Satin Bronze
  • Satin Chrome
  • Bright Chrome
  • White
  • Gold

Window Options

Heritage Horn
Kommerling’s new Heritage Horns can be added to top opening sashes to create a traditional looking window and are often specified when replacing sliding sash windows with modern PVCu windows to retain a traditional appearance.
Astragal Bar
Astragal Bar mouldings provide raised mouldings for a traditional Georgian look (fitted boths sides of the window) and are an alternative to inserts that are encapsulated within the sealed unit.


Fully finished ‘in house’ before delivery, reduces on site painting / staining for an immediate impact. Quality Sapele from managed forests, fully drained and ventilated with robust hinges and locks. Micropourous paint sprayed in any colour or satin finish, inside and outside can be different colours.


In all RAL colours with or without hardwood sub frames, available for domestic or commercial applications.